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Have you thought of an MBA in the UK?

 Author : Admin  05.04.2022


With a constellation of premier academic institutions, the UK is one of the most promising destinations for an MBA degree. You will have to make a wise decision though; there are over 130 business schools in the UK, with a wide range of comprehensive courses. What you need is a stellar strategy, a bachelor’s degree in business studies, and impressive GMAT scores. For those of you who are in a hurry to become entrepreneurs, there are 12-month courses in MBA available at the very best of academic institutes. The Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and Edinburgh are only a few of the illustrious examples. There are others, of course. Leeds, Sheffield and Coventry are home to reputed institutes that not only promise to sharpen business acumen but also carve a niche for new, aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

What’s the big deal?

Ask anybody in India and they will tell you that an MBA degree is one of the best things that will ever happen to you. Ask your overseas education consultants in Kolkata and they will tell you why. An MBA, in essence, is just like any other master’s degree. But examine closely and you will discover a world of professional values that other degrees just don’t cover. More often than not, an MBA is pursued only after the aspirant has gained a few years of professional experience after completing their bachelor’s degree. Yes, it is challenging and quite expensive. But get it right, and it will ensure fewer challenges and cover all your expenses. A successful MBA degree makes for better salary and designations after all. 

Is it worth your effort?

There are benefits of an MBA degree in the UK that are exclusive to the country. Your overseas education consultants in Kolkata ought to be able to explain them better, with your individual needs in context. Generally speaking, an MBA in the UK allows for more flexibility; the very best of business schools encourage their students to customise their academic programmes to suit their purposes. Besides, the economic climate in the UK is conducive to new opportunities for skilled managers. And let’s not forget about the long-term future, which is a handsome annual salary between 116,000 GBP and 133,000 GBP.

What are your options?

There’s something for everyone. For leaders in search of an executive MBA degree, there’s the University of Warwick. For those aiming to become thorough, well-bred entrepreneurs, a master’s degree in International Business is a great place to start. It will take you places, most significant of which are Bristol, Dundee and Greenwich- home to the world’s finest institutes that specialise in International Business. Alliance Manchester Business School is all about the hands-on approach that defines team players. At the University of Edinburgh, you will get what they call the ‘boutique experience’, which is almost synonymous with the gurukul traditions of India. For those trailblazers who have migrated from other fields, like engineering, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare, the Imperial College Business School is the right place to start. But if you are a dreamer of the most exalted, you will probably want to be considered by the London Business School. Here you will experience what has been known as the world’s most flexible MBA degree, besides being the most prestigious. Comb through the prospects before you arrive at a decision. This is when you approach an overseas education consultancy for professional guidance and counsel.