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Founder’s Message

 Author : Admin  14.03.2022


I co-founded Stratosphere Education out of a desire to give back and help the next Indian generation succeed. I understand the unique challenges facing foreign students having navigated the US admissions process and college experience myself. Compared to other Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, Kolkata is lagging behind in student admissions abroad, not for lack of talent but lack of information and opportunities. Our mission at Stratosphere is to provide the tools necessary for success on a global scale and access to a network of successful business and industry leaders committed to the students academic and post-academic success.

This Covid-19 time brings great uncertainty and obstacles for education and while post-Covid era may reveal a completely different educational landscape, it also presents untold opportunities. Technology is playing an even greater role in everyday lives and academics, connecting people across cities and around the globe. Stratosphere welcomes this change and uses technology in the form of test preparation software, social media and global college search databases to enhance student's college selection process. Ultimately, the Stratosphere team wants to develop and enrich the educational experience and build a long term partnership with the student body.