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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: Everything You Need to Know

 Author : Admin  22.10.2022


Do you wish to study in Europe? If so, the Erasmus Mundus program is an excellent opportunity for you to leverage European Commission support, says Stratosphere Education.

From eligibility requirements to applying for the scholarship to application deadline, here is all the information you need about the scholarship program!

What Will the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Cover in 2023-24?

This scholarship will cover your EMJMD participation expenses. The scholarship will pay for:

• Waived tuition fees

• A stipend of 1,100 to 1,200 euros a month for 24 months

• Travel allowance

• International airfare to travel from one country to another at the end of the semester

• No restrictions on returning to the country of study

To receive this financial assistance, you must first be accepted into one of the courses and then be chosen for a scholarship. According to one of the best abroad education consultants in Kolkata, the amount will be determined by the program's duration and your country of origin.

Students from non-EU countries, for example, will receive more significant scholarships. Please visit the official program page to learn about all available funding options.

Is It Difficult to Obtain an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship?

The scholarship procedure is extremely rigorous and highly competitive, as there are hundreds of applications all across the globe. Students cannot apply to more than three programs per cycle.

Erasmus Mundus receive between 400 and 500 applications annually and admit between 80 and 90 students, says one of the best overseas education consultants near me.

What Amount of Money Does Erasmus Grant?

The monthly amount ranges between 400 and 510 euros, depending on the country and duration of the exchange. If you participate in blended mobility, you will receive a daily stipend of 70 euros between days 5 and 14.

How Do I Apply for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for 2023-24?

Go to the site for Erasmus Mundus. Scroll down until you reach the Erasmus Mundus catalogue. Each program will include the course name and location.

Then, you are advised to contact the consortium directly (by clicking the "contact project person" button) to inquire further about courses, application procedures, and available scholarships, says one of the best abroad education consultants in Kolkata.

2023-24 Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Submission Deadline

The application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship may vary depending on the program to which you apply, but March 2023 is expected to be the final submission date for 2023-24.