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Revamped SAT Exam: What Students Need to Know

 Author : Admin  18.03.2023


The Scholastic Assessment Test, also known as the SAT, is a standardized test that is used to determine a candidate's readiness for university-level education, says Stratosphere Education. With the new SAT format changes, let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of it.

New SAT Format 2023

It's Going Digital

The SAT has become entirely digital from March 2023 for the International students and it will be digital for the US students from 2024.  The College Board has already started administering a digital SAT Pilot exam since the end of 2021, in exchange of a $5o or $100 gift card, but no official SAT score. The digital test is intended to improve testing security and convenience for test participants and is going to test the college readiness skills. Students can take the test using their own laptop or tablet or one provided by the school. Before the test, students must download a digital testing app. This testing app should save the students' progress even if their computer crashes or their internet connection goes down.

A Briefer SAT Exam

The SAT exam will now be of two hours’ duration instead of three hours. There will be only two sections: one for reading and writing and one for math. Shorter reading passages will be with a single question per passage, and will be from a broader range of college-level exams.

Scores will be Delivered More Quickly

The SAT results will be available days rather than weeks after the exam. As a result, candidates will no longer have to wait for months for their SAT exam result report, allowing them to apply to colleges more quickly, says the overseas education consultants near me.

Use of a Calculator Throughout the Math Section

Students can use calculators for the entire math section on the new SAT format. For students who do not have a calculator, a graphic calculator will be built into the digital testing app.

Each Test Will be Distinct

The College Board can deliver a separate test to each student because of the SAT digital format, which eradicates cheating and test security issues. An introductory module will precede each section, and the level of all subsequent questions will be determined by the student's performance on the first set of questions. The test's adaptive nature assists students in connecting to various career options, courses, and training programs, says the abroad education consultants in Kolkata.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the New SAT Format 2023


  • Going digital provides a streamlined testing process and a digital interface for candidates seeking admission to top-tier colleges, resulting in a more productive experience.
  • With the inclusion of tickers and clocks on the screen, a shorter duration allows test takers to be more productive and it also helps with time management.
  • The new SAT format includes new tools such as a calculator and a clock on the screen, as well as simple question switching to help the participants throughout the test.


  • Students may encounter difficulties while taking the examination, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the online test method, and may struggle to navigate to the previous question during revision.
  • During the exam, there may be internet connectivity issues, causing students to lose their progress or have difficulty submitting their responses.