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We are

a premium education and career building body. Established to facilitate your international degree aspirations, we offer the most comprehensive and exclusive counselling services in the city. Equipped with a team of advisors who have spent decades mentoring our country's youth, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance with the utmost care, to help you realise your true potential.

We believe

that our students can be transformed into global leaders. We will help our students from across the country by giving them guidance when they seek higher education abroad.

We envision

a ‘you’, who is equipped to go further and higher. Going abroad to study takes detailed research and strategic planning. It’s easy to get intimidated and overwhelmed by the particulars. That’s where we come in. By truly understanding who you are and what you envision for yourself, we harness your strengths to accomplish your goals—empowering you to get set, and soar.

We Provide

abroad education consultants
in-depth counselling to clarify your career goals and assess your academic strengths and challenges.
abroad education consultants
Relevant information about academic programs and other educational experiences available to you.
abroad education consultants
Accurate knowledge on institutional requirements by interpreting institutional policies and procedures relevant to your success.
abroad education consultants
Consistent monitoring of your progress towards completing your academic plans.
abroad education consultants
Tailored training sessions in compliance with institutional expectations of academic standing and progress.
abroad education consultants
Easy access to institutional and community services that foster academic success.

Leveraging technology, social media, and global college search databases to enhance the college search experience, our team extensively and intensively works with you to help you get on track, be on time, and stay on point.

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